Oh, my, God Becky, look at her bulldog
It is so big, she looks like
One of those LEAD foster dogs.
I mean, her Bulldog, is just so big
I can't believe it's just so round, it's like out there
I mean cute, look
She's just so, black…white and brown

I like big bulldogs I can not lie
You other adopters can't deny
That when a dog walks in with a brachycephalic
And a long tongue in your face
You get on that app and apply!

About 2 weeks ago, we were messaged about a cuter than life English Bulldog aka a TRICOLOR goddess. She was losing her home due to having accidents in the house. Apparently, she gets in a mood and then does the uno, dos, not tres when she feels like it. However, being a full blooded unicorn, aka Bulldogs are stubborn. It’s what you get when you purchase, adopt, rescue, whatever with one. It’s why so many people wouldn’t choose them because they don’t always want to walk, don’t want to listen. Basically the FU of the dog world. But it’s also why so many people love them. Lazy, chunky, easy going, low activity level, the mellow yellow of dogs.

Although dogs do have accidents, why was hers so bad she had to go? Well the joys of having a family equals everyone should participate in letting the dog out to use the bathroom outside. But sometimes, your family doesn’t see the need to let them out and well, sh*t happens. She’s been with us for the past 6 days and working with pee pads and being let out often has somewhat tackled the issue. Rumble used to potty on gravel and rocks, but she will never walk on grass on her own. Her current foster is home all day, but even after some walkies, nothing gets produced until they step foot into the home. So ideally, Rumble would do best in a home where a fenced yard is right outside the door. I mean she can live in an apartment but I also find having to go down an elevator or a bunch of stairs 10 times a day a pain when you come up fruitless. She again is learning pee pads are her friends in the meantime. And she will go potty in her crate, so that also seems to be some idgaf attitude going on. She's a big puppy still and someone home to tend to her needs is vital if you want her to not regress.

Rumble is an almost 2 year old Old English Bulldog (birthday August 24), spayed, vaccinated, healthy young gal. She is EXTREMELY friendly with all dogs, cats, kids, and is a pure delight to be around. We are looking for adopters who will make sure to clean her face folds, be absolutely okay with the amount of water (I'm talking pools of it) she spills with her extra long Gene Simmons tongue, is not afraid of slobber, and won’t be upset when she pees on the pee pad (or floor) and dribbles some of it down the hallway. Forgot to mention she also will eat her own poop if it sits out long enough. Guys meet Bulldog.

I know she is a darling tub a lub, but English Bulldogs can be costly, healthwise. Although she has a clean bill of health now, her future could change. Be prepared for a few thousand out the door, so you must save, save, save like this is your own beating heart. She’s going to mostly hibernate in Chicago’s summer heat and won’t fair well at street fests not being able to breathe. But the spring, fall, and winter months, you’ll be good. If you are ready to fight it out amongst the hundreds of apps we are bound to get, then “let’s get ready to Rumblllleeee,” and apply on our adoption application!

Side note: This is my first real experience with a Bulldog and hats off to Bulldog rescues for adopting out them, because this breed is totally the best and I wish I could keep her for myself!



It was such a bummer when they cancelled Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club...NOT. And it's such a bummer that I'll never be able to go to Mykonos and visit this really cool club....NOT.

In honor of my generation's tween drama, ya know Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, and since Duff is doing better than Lohan atm, this is LiLo.

Now this LiLo has a past I know nothing about except her present was that she ended up at the vet office with no owner that came forward. She spent some time there waiting for someone to call home, but as you would expect, many people would not know to look at a vet clinic to adopt. So we were asked if we could take her under our wing and expose the heck out of her. Um yes and yes.

LiLo checks off all the boxes. She is a sweetheart on 4 legs. A day brightener. She is fun to be around, can have a good time, and doesn't mind embarrassing herself for a viral video. Sound familiar? An 8 year old, 19 lb wonder-woman of the Maltese and Poodle variety, she is housebroken, chipped, vaccinated, had some teeth removed, good with kids and dogs, cuddle monkey, and a gal pal for your romantic comedy movienights. She can be a bit needy, but aren't we all when we don't know if the person we love is going to come back? So someone who is home often would be so nice for her or maybe someone who can take her to work? #dogfriendlyworkplaces I think it would be nice for you too. Pet a dog to de-stress. IT WORKS. Unless that dog leaves when you start petting and then that makes us all sad. But fear not, LiLo WANTS to be with people. She hangs out with dogs too in a co-existy type of way, but ultimately she rather make nice with two leggers. Isn't it interesting when dogs want to be more with humans but us humans would rather be with dogs? I love dogs. People, eh.

So if you loved The Parent Trap and that's about the only film Ms. Lohan was ever good in and you think the same, then apply for Ms. LiLo, the dog at #hilaryduffrules


holy Mackeral-Adoptable SOOn

2015: Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?
2019: Is this dog white, brown, blue (you mean grey right), or black?
You'll find out when we find out.

No your eyes aren't messing with you. This dog really does look this terrible. It's not her fault of course, but seriously what happened? The past dogs we have taken in have had medical issues to be addressed internally or physically and we can still walk them without people eyeing us like WE did this to this dog. Ya know, stuff we don't know we get until we take them to the vet i.e. thyroid problems, behaviorial, attachment issues. This one, is visually and smelly. And 110% thought we knew what we were getting without going to a vet. It was confirmed demodex mange. Ok, so like a lot of medicated baths, Bravecto, hard work and sweat, good nutrition. We got this. Then went back to another vet and oh look, something we didn't see right away: SCABIES and a loud heart murmur (unsure what grade yet). Now it's not confirmed about the scabies but we are taking precautions NOW as it is contagious to other dogs. So mange, scabies, a heart murmur, maybe allergies, so far. Anything else hiding under all that crusty skin?

When we were shown pictures of her, the first thing that spouted off of my head was Holy Mackeral. So her name is now Holy Mackeral or Mac for short, because one day she won't look like she's a feeble, crusty, gargoyle with huge paws and daggers for nails. She will triumph like all our LEAD dogs. This will just take a little extra "lovin', and kissin, and huggin' that's all. But we still scratch our heads and wonder how did a dog get like this? How does one not notice this as she was found as a "stray"? Is she in pain? What can we do to make her feel more comfortable? And the bigger question, how are we going to pay for ALL of this? #donate

Mac is pure love and innocence. She's a Pitbull mix we think of some sort and is only 5-6 months old. So young and having to go through all this, it's just not fair. But she graces us with her hobbly walk. Her sweetness. Her pleasant demeanor and wanderlust eyes. Her skin stinkiness (yea she smells like what AGT's Vicki Barbalok would say, "Trailer nasty"). Her progress will be day by day, but with your donations, we can keep making sure she gets all the vet care every dog deserves. So if we have touched your heart at all because there are dogs in yucky situations like hers, please help us out at ALSO, if anyone would like to FOSTER this mystery colored dog, we are accepting applications at She will not be available for adoption until she is obvi doing better. Mackeral is doing superb with her foster dog, cat, and kid siblings. Let's show another dog in need that not all people suck.



"Sometimes I run
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time" ~The Princess of Pop

Paprika is a 2 year old mix of erm, Collie and Beagle? She's sweet as a chocolate mousse cheesecake and gentle like a baby's giggle. And yahoo, she is a LEADer!

So Paprika is extremely pretty and probably grabbed your attention. I KNOW. So what's her deal? She doesn't have one because dogs don't have deals. They just need people who understand them. Paprika is a bit scared at the city life. With all the noises, sirens, honking, thunder, crowds,...crimes, hell I'd be scared too. She does cower and tremble at walking in overpopulated places, so an ideal place for her would be a quiet neighborhood with a home with a yard. It might be some time before she could engage in a summer street fest, but that might really blow if there were fireworks! We wouldn't want to put her through that type of stress. Don't we all wish we could live in a quiet place? I've seen that movie. What y'all think, Birdbox or A Quiet Place was better?

Paprika would do best with no other dogs or young children under 10 years. She is a darlin' and someone is going to have the best time, getting to snuggle this honey bunny. If interested in a would be country loving doggo, please apply at!



this is a courtesy posting for Noah’s owner. please apply for him and we will send the applications to noah’s owner. she will contact you for a meet and greet. noah is not a lead dog and a lead representative will not facilitate the adoption.

Life happens and you get the good, bad, and the ugly sometimes. And for Noah, he has had all three happen to him pretty quickly.

Noah has had a good life, living with his momma and his brother Nemo for 9 years. The bad came when his owner now has to take care of her mother's ailing health and also has to work two jobs to support. The ugly is having to tell Noah he is losing his home and I think that's bad and ugly. All I know is, I feel for his owner and Noah. The decision I bet didn't come easily, but then again, life is good, bad, and ugly, even if you are the nicest person in the world.

Noah is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix, who is a fun loving fetcher and a cuddle machine. He loves to go outside, on long walks and has manners only a dream dog would. He naps a ton, so you are definitely getting a senior for sure. Noah likes to bark due to being protective and alert, but if anyone knows Chihus, that's just kinda a trait you have to know you are getting before adopting. No renters/apartment dwellers, yo. He is housebroken, but if you don't give him enough attention, he might pee in the house a bit. I mean sounds like a jealous girlfriend haha. Any who, he doesn't want to hang out with young kids, so teens and adults, will probably give you the thumbs up on approval. He has lived with his brother Chihuahua, so should be fine with another small dog or mellow type dog. Seems easy and fair enough. Someone retired or works close to home would be ideal, so he can get the vitamin D he deserves.

If interested in Noah, I mean he sounds like a dog I would adopt, please fill out an adoption application at This is a courtesy posting for Noah's owner and she will facilitate his adoption. A LEAD Representative will not, just an fyi.