Holy Mackeral

2015: Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?
2019: Is this dog white, brown, blue (you mean grey right), or black?
You'll find out when we find out.

No your eyes aren't messing with you. This dog really does look this terrible. It's not her fault of course, but seriously what happened? The past dogs we have taken in have had medical issues to be addressed internally or physically and we can still walk them without people eyeing us like WE did this to this dog. Ya know, stuff we don't know we get until we take them to the vet i.e. thyroid problems, behaviorial, attachment issues. This one, is visually and smelly. And 110% thought we knew what we were getting without going to a vet. It was confirmed demodex mange. Ok, so like a lot of medicated baths, Bravecto, hard work and sweat, good nutrition. We got this. Then went back to another vet and oh look, something we didn't see right away: SCABIES and a loud heart murmur (unsure what grade yet). Now it's not confirmed about the scabies but we are taking precautions NOW as it is contagious to other dogs. So mange, scabies, a heart murmur, maybe allergies, so far. Anything else hiding under all that crusty skin?

When we were shown pictures of her, the first thing that spouted off of my head was Holy Mackeral. So her name is now Holy Mackeral or Mac for short, because one day she won't look like she's a feeble, crusty, gargoyle with huge paws and daggers for nails. She will triumph like all our LEAD dogs. This will just take a little extra "lovin', and kissin, and huggin' that's all. But we still scratch our heads and wonder how did a dog get like this? How does one not notice this as she was found as a "stray"? Is she in pain? What can we do to make her feel more comfortable? And the bigger question, how are we going to pay for ALL of this? #donate

Mac is pure love and innocence. She's a Pitbull mix we think of some sort and is only 5-6 months old. So young and having to go through all this, it's just not fair. But she graces us with her hobbly walk. Her sweetness. Her pleasant demeanor and wanderlust eyes. Her skin stinkiness (yea she smells like what AGT's Vicki Barbalok would say, "Trailer nasty"). Her progress will be day by day, but with your donations, we can keep making sure she gets all the vet care every dog deserves. So if we have touched your heart at all because there are dogs in yucky situations like hers, please help us out at leadrescue.org. ALSO, if anyone would like to FOSTER this mystery colored dog, we are accepting applications at leadrescue.org. She will not be available for adoption until she is obvi doing better. Mackeral is doing superb with her foster dog, cat, and kid siblings. Let's show another dog in need that not all people suck.