It was such a bummer when they cancelled Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club...NOT. And it's such a bummer that I'll never be able to go to Mykonos and visit this really cool club....NOT.

In honor of my generation's tween drama, ya know Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, and since Duff is doing better than Lohan atm, this is LiLo.

Now this LiLo has a past I know nothing about except her present was that she ended up at the vet office with no owner that came forward. She spent some time there waiting for someone to call home, but as you would expect, many people would not know to look at a vet clinic to adopt. So we were asked if we could take her under our wing and expose the heck out of her. Um yes and yes.

LiLo checks off all the boxes. She is a sweetheart on 4 legs. A day brightener. She is fun to be around, can have a good time, and doesn't mind embarrassing herself for a viral video. Sound familiar? An 8 year old, 19 lb wonder-woman of the Maltese and Poodle variety, she is housebroken, chipped, vaccinated, had some teeth removed, good with kids and dogs, cuddle monkey, and a gal pal for your romantic comedy movienights. She can be a bit needy, but aren't we all when we don't know if the person we love is going to come back? So someone who is home often would be so nice for her or maybe someone who can take her to work? #dogfriendlyworkplaces I think it would be nice for you too. Pet a dog to de-stress. IT WORKS. Unless that dog leaves when you start petting and then that makes us all sad. But fear not, LiLo WANTS to be with people. She hangs out with dogs too in a co-existy type of way, but ultimately she rather make nice with two leggers. Isn't it interesting when dogs want to be more with humans but us humans would rather be with dogs? I love dogs. People, eh.

So if you loved The Parent Trap and that's about the only film Ms. Lohan was ever good in and you think the same, then apply for Ms. LiLo