Can I get a round of applause? For what you ask? Oh is it a dog being given up by their owners due to "moving"? Or should it be for the living situation the dog was in where the garage was her own doghouse? Or should it be for purposefully letting her loose, hoping to lose her, causing all the neighborhood FB pages to say, "Is this your dog?" Like I said, round of applause for owners that get dogs and have no means to ever own one. We wish we could all be so generous like you. Btw, these are all true things for this one dog and obvs I'm not giving you an applause but the finger.

When my concerned friend reached out to me about a dog that was about to be dumped come September, I got into Momma Pup mode and said let me see what I can do. As I watched, "The Farewell" because I am Asian and a fan of Awkwafina, I explored my options. Alas, thanks to my LEAD family, we were able to take in another discarded dog. Her name is Jaegerbomb, the drink of my college years. Couldn't sleep, but great. We got that surrender form signed and Jaegerbomb said her own farewell. She didn't even look back.

Now Jaeger is a purebred Siberian Husky if you couldn't tell. A young 1 year old, forced to live outside, never walked. Now yes I do know Huskies love to be outside especially in the cold, but Huskies also love human contact too. Owning a dog goes hand in hand. You take me in, you love me, and I love you back, k? Jaegerbomb is wonderful mind you. She is darling, friendly to dogs of all sizes and superb around kids. She's eager to learn and to trust even from men who might have hurt her in the past. Kinda a dog that should have gotten everything and anything from the day she was born. But like any Husky, she is an adventurer on that Dora the Explorer shit and she'll use her Husky genetics to wander if you let her. So do not leave her unattended in your yard PLEASE.

So with us, she will get everything. A foster home with a big fenced backyard. A foster dog sibling. A roof over her head that has carpet and AC inside. And the one thing every dog needs: a family. Cheese me moment, I know, I know. Jaegerbomb will be spayed (currently on her heatwave) and ready for adoption after August 28. We don't believe she is housebroken yet living her life outside, but she will learn with training. If interested in adopting a dog deprived of love, then apply for Jaegerbomb.