“Behind these hazel eyes”....Oh you thought I was gonna start off this post with another Kelly Clarkson lyric? Well you would be correcto mundo. And how relevant it is for Hazel's situation. #girlpower I’m not even that big of a fan of hers, but if the shoe fits! #arianator for lyfe!

When a relationship ends and you are left with trying to figure out where to go next, having to feed your 4 young children, living in an apartment you can no longer afford, not only do you need a good breakup anthem to belt out, but sometimes finding a better home for your dog crosses your mind. Ok, Kelly, let's go girl.

So Hazel is supposedly a mini Mastiff? But erm, hmmm that look like a straight up Pug mix thing. Regardless, Hazel has got THE face we squishy face lovers need to be all up in. Weighing in at around 50 lbs at 1 years old, ok, so maybe she is a Pug/Mastiff mix, she is sweet, playful, kid and dog friendly, and ready to be the new girl in town at the dog park. You will get asked is that a Puggle? Is that just a really big Pug? Is that a mini Mastiff? And you will get to say I don't really know over and over again. Dogs are fun when they are mysteries.

Hazel is crate trained, however, she still needs work on being 125% housebroken. She will need someone who will take her out every few hours, so you are almost basically getting a large dog in a puppy's mind set. Can’t forget, she’s also pretty active, so guys this can’t be a Mastiff lol. Her owner is having a tough time letting her go but she knows it’s best for her. So if you are interested in a true American sweetheart, apply for Hazel! She’s available October 2 after her baby producing things are gone.