Roast (Available 09/25)

*Does hand gestures* Shortstack, shortstack coming up. Bada da bada”. ~Anyone else a fan of Meet the Parents?

So we got mothaeffin 2nd place for Tum Tum being the Pit to represent the CTA and shelter dogs, but I’m not too mad, cause I went from 104 votes to 435 in a day and I finally beat Mr. Koopa who had a strong lead. So thank you to everyone who donated!

And in honor of keeping with our voice for shelter dogs, we pulled Tum Tum’s fake brotha, Roast from the shelter. Yes, we all know that Bulldogs and Pits being paired to make shorter, stockier dogs is WRONG and ONLY for human gain and does nothing to add value to the breeds’ health. Sure they are cute and will get you attention, but so will a Golden Retriever puppy. But there is nothing else we can do once they are born, have grown up, and then discarded like yesterday’s news. We just have to pickup the pieces and find them a better life. Which we will. Tum Tum, another Bulldog/Pit unicorn is a Safe Humane Chicago dog and is the most spoiled brat you will ever meet. We gave the owners a chance to come get their prize money dog from the stray hold, but your trash is our precious treasure.

Omg the size of a person’s thigh, this is the most angelic pocket Pit mix ever. He’s a chin scratch lover. A waddle monkey. And the most behaved 5 year old gentleman. Although he has some allergies from wherever he came from, he’s getting all the love treatments from his foster family. At an outstanding 25 or so lbs, Roast is dog, human, and all kinds of friendly with an endless tail wag and calm demeanor. He sleeps, he poops, he is a real dog. And he does the poops and pees all outside. Ayyyeee!!

He will be available to win over your heart and home when his skin allergies get taken care of and when he can’t produce anymore pocket thigh sized pups. We will keep you updated on him but for now, please enjoy these pictures and video showing why we all love Pitties so much. Fall in love and apply for Roast!