Khalil Mack

Every Chicagoan rando: "Are you a football, hockey, basketball, or baseball fan? And if so, which side are you on?" 
Me: "I like dogs."
Chi Rando:"What?"
Me: "You heard me." *husband shakes head*

Ah yes, who hasn't been asked that question living here in this glorious Windy City? I have had the great pleasure of having Soldier Field in my backyard for the past 30 years and have attended two FREE BEARS' football games. The action, the ambiance, the game, the NACHOS. So even though I may never actually fully appreciate Chicago sports as much as dogs (Numero Uno dog fan over here), why not commit to a dog named after a star player, Khalil Mack. And no, I didn't have to ask my husband who he was, just maybe some stats....and other football related things.

After yesterday's dramatic loss against, yes I know, our true rivals, The Packers, I figure let's post about this sensational dog who looks mad cool in a jersey. I mean I guess he could've been in a tutu and I woulda swooned too. Khalil Mack had been at the shelter since I think July and was passed over for some reason. He was a favorite amongst the shelter staff and volunteers, and all the programs he was a part of. Only recently did I start seeing those googley poogley eyes and I dreamt of a time I could take dogs and find them their forever homes. Oh snnnaaapp, I already do that! Let go!

So as my friend Shelley Aniciete posted about how incredible he is and how if someone didn't jump at the chance at him, it would be OUR loss. I was like he is OUR GAIN! Khalil was starting to show signs of becoming sick and needed to get out NOW. Even Zach Miller of the BEARS shared him on his social media. Um, heyyyy! I stared at his picture once more, I needed to find a solution. I messaged my good ol' foster and friend from high school, Madeline B, and the impossible turned into possible to probably to placing the hold and asking Shelley if she could transport! We did it! We rescued another gem.

With stinkier than ever gas and a lazy, derpy bowl of jowls, Khalil is now forever a LEADer. Around 6-8 years old, he is super easy going, already neutered and has all his medical done. He might need some teeth extractions, but other than that, he is looking like fine wine. Khalil would love love love to be with you you you and if you happen to have kids or other dogs, he would love love love that too.

I am thoroughly glad we were able to take in this big lug of baby because of wonderful volunteers at the shelter who consistently champion every dog there. I am also extremely happy I had an open foster who craves Pittie breath just like me. And I am so darn tootin' delighted that Khalil broke free from the steel life and into that 2,000 Egyptian count thread life.

If interested in being a part of Chicago history, adopt a dog named after a really cool guy on a really cool team that plays in a really cool city.