"No one calls me Moonpie but my Meemaw. She calls me Moonpie because I am nummy nummy and she could just eat me up.”

~Sheldon Cooper, "The Big Bang Theory"

Well Shelley, I'm the Meemaw now and I'm calling this dog, Moonpie too. Go do some physics. Moonpie is our save on Chicago Rescue Day after I was shown a video of her wiggling around trying to get some pets from behind a steel cage. And thanks to my awesome sauce human foster, we got to be a part of a historic day by saving a life! Snaps all around y’all. Moonpie, a 10 month old, 20 lb Cattle Dog/Rat Terrier/Jack Russell (these are guesses), who was found wandering in a neighborhood. With ears that "could rocket her to the moon", hehe Moonpie, her personality is the same. Happy to make new human friends all the time, happy to see how life is going. She is a great dog to play tug of war, fetch, run around with, find a meadow to frolick in. She also isn't so energetic in the home either. She'll let you watch tv and she'll sploot right beside you.

However, she gets frustrated when seeing dogs on walks. We are not sure if she is mad at dogs, gets too excited, has some leash reactivity, or doesn't know what to do around other dogs. Being a Cattle dog mix, she needs someone who can exercise her brain a bit, so any frustrations she might have can be wiped out. At this time, a home without other dogs would be good for her. Adequate training is a must for her new owner, so she can become a well behaved adult. She is doing well using a gentle leader/heard halter to work with her when dogs are around and bounces right out of her feelings once the dog passes. Currently she is fostered in an apartment and is quiet, crate trained, and seems to be pee pad trained. She is a puppy, but puppies also need structure!

I am still "over the moon" with this dog because she has the ability to learn that she is a dog and she should like dogs back. Just need the right person to knock it out of the park with her. She definitely would love to have lots of kids to run around with and could be your next trail runner buddy. Moonpie will be spayed on August 30th and can go home! If you are interested in adopting a dog that is "out of this world" (lord help me with these moon references), please apply!