I’ll give you $10 if you guess this dog’s breed.

Ha! I bet you think you got $10, saying it was a Puggle. Psych. I’ll keep my $10 and donate it to my own rescue thank you very much and tell you that this is a Frengle apparently: A French Bulldog/Beagle mix. Good Lord. A crossbreed. A dog with two different breeds as parents. A hybrid. A photoworthy mutt in need of a home.

Milo, who I now renamed Orzo because of my love of noodles, soup, and every food a peasant enjoys, was given to LEAD when his original owner didn’t have enough time. And isn’t this dog just an overload of cuteness?

10 months old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated, housebroken (barks at the door to go out, smart boy), crate trained, dog and kid friendly, knows tricks, loves life. He was definitely shown love and kindness from the day he was purchased at 4 months old and his owners went above and beyond with all the vet care needed. He is a ball of energy, but like the fun, not annoying type. He does like to chew, so keep your valuables away or not. I forewarned you. Remember he is still a puppy, so since he knows tricks like give paw and lay down, he will benefit from extra training, exercise, and stimulation. I mean most dogs do and it’s a huge reason why dogs end up in the shelter. Always do your research on breeds to find one that fits your lifestyle. Mine is laid back. Enter old Pits and ShihTzus for life, baby!

This Frengle could be yours and be your own Friend-gle. It’s good to have friends and it’s even easier to make friends having a dog, so why not an odd mix? He will be a conversation starter. He will make your life brighter.He will be your Best Friend-gle forever. If you are interested in a dog who can warm your belly, please apply for Orzo!

Snow white.jpg

snow white

Well doesn’t this girl look like your typical backyard breeder pup. She ain’t because she is not for sale. BUT she is up for adoption. The correct way to bring in a family member, where we don’t make a goddamn dime.

Snow White along with her 4 sisters and brother were surrendered to LEAD Rescue when their owners had an unexpected litter. The dad is a Pit and mom is a Shepherd mix. Sweet to everyone including dogs, kids, people, and cats. Snow White is probably the sleepiest baby ever and I really should have named her Sleeping Beauty instead. She is truly one of the better pups (don't tell anyone I said that), but that's because my demeanor is the same as her: loves to lay down and not do anything.

She is 4 months old, vaccinated, and chipped. They of course are not housebroken as they are just babies, but if you are down to teach a new dog, new tricks, the puppies are it! She is an absolute love with all the puppy breath and kisses that are ready for you!

whip cream.jpg

whip cream-available in april (Not accepting applications until April)

See Cherry’s information below.


Whip cream and cherries. I like both. Now I hope you like the dog versions named Whip Cream and Cherry. Because I like both.

We were notified about someone who didn’t have the time to take care of their dog and a puppy. We said we would take as we had a foster. Remember what I said about fostering? Oh yeah, please foster!


The owners only had Sophie for a year, when the neighbor’s dog decided they wanted to start a family, unbeknownst to the actual humans. The owners had no idea “people actually help dogs out”. I’m glad we exist. Otherwise Sophie would keep popping out more pups and it’s just not necessary. Sophie, I renamed Cherry, had 5 scrumptious Bichon/Chihu babies. All except one darling found homes before contacting us (which I ponder how?!) and I had to just name the lone pup, Whip Cream!

Who do I start with first? I’m going to assume you wanna know about Mizz Whip first. At a 9 weeks old, she’s fun. She’s awesome. She loves you. As my first dog was a Bichon Frise, whom I grew up with for 15 1/2 years, I can immediately tell you they are one of the BEST family dogs. They are loyal, dedicated, excited to be with you, and one of the hardest dogs to housebreak. It took me 3 years and it finally clicked! Ok, so that breed quality might not be a selling point, but did I mention Bichons are the friendliest little nommy nommies. Whip Cream is pee pad trained, so that’s a start! Whip Cream will be available when she is spayed in April at 13 weeks old.

Cherry, momma girl, needs like 10 minutes to warm up to you. Right after, she’ll climb on your lap, snuggle in your lap, just be on your lap. Ok, your basic lap dog. She is more protective with Whip Cream around but honestly, she’s showing Whip all the ropes. Cherry looks like Whip, which could mean Cherry is also a Bichon/Chihuahua too. I really don’t think inbreeding happened with the same dad, but 🤷🏻‍♀️ and 🤦🏻‍♀️. Both gals love kids, yes even your toddlers (that’s more about Cherry, cuz Whip Cream loves anyone and anything). Cherry does okay with dogs who don’t bother her, but would also be fine in a home with just young, adults, or older adults. Cherry is pee pad and goes outdoors to potty. Another great start!

Cherry is available now, so come on, apply. She’s getting spayed March 6, so no more baby daddies can find her.


Sinatra-adoption pending

“Some day when I am awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.” ~ Frank Sinatra

And that is exactly how I felt when this boy’s face popped up on my newsfeed. We didn’t put a hold on him immediately and if by chance he didn’t have a hold by the end of the day, then we knew for sure he had to be ours. As he sulked in his kennel, those eyes spoke, screamed, and shouted at me. I wanted him to be able to run, be a Husky, be a free man.

3 hours passed and as I kept thinking of him, I again guilted Jared into getting in the car and breaking him out. Ladies, always be winning.

Can I say that this dog is a smoke show? An Inta-worthy dog? A dog that you just don’t come across usually? Everyone so far has said, “Damn, those eyes.” And I am lucky enough to get to write a post about him. So as you guessed it, we named him Sinatra after Ol’ blue eyes himself. Strikingly handsome and a flirt too. He has Tum Tum feeling butterflies.

Now I know this dog had a home before. He knows sit. He knows how to be in a home. He knows how to counter surf and wake me up at 1am, to him eating...everything. But at least he didn’t get my Chipotle. That was all Kaiser.

Sinatra is I think a 2 year old Husky/Chow Chow/Australian Shepherd/Shepherd mix. He is a chill dog who gets along with all dogs of all sizes. Although he seems to want to follow my ShihTzu around because he might secretly be gay. That’s okay. I think all my dogs are openly gay. He definitely should not be, as most Huskies shouldn’t be, in an apartment. Why? Well he HOWLS and right now, he seems rather low key, but his energy level could turn up over time. He is a great runner dog and walker on a leash. So far he seems to be partially housebroken, but he will be getting neutered at the end of March, so that will deter marking.

If you are interested in fostering a dog who will get compliments daily, apply to foster or adopt (he is not for adoption until the March 13). I love him as I love all my fosters, but the more people I have to help, the more dogs saved. So you are doing the dog, myself, and other shelter dogs a huge favor. Sinatra agrees.



this is a courtesy posting for Noah’s owner. please apply for him and we will send the applications to noah’s owner. she will contact you for a meet and greet. noah is not a lead dog and a lead representative will not facilitate the adoption.

Life happens and you get the good, bad, and the ugly sometimes. And for Noah, he has had all three happen to him pretty quickly.

Noah has had a good life, living with his momma and his brother Nemo for 9 years. The bad came when his owner now has to take care of her mother's ailing health and also has to work two jobs to support. The ugly is having to tell Noah he is losing his home and I think that's bad and ugly. All I know is, I feel for his owner and Noah. The decision I bet didn't come easily, but then again, life is good, bad, and ugly, even if you are the nicest person in the world.

Noah is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix, who is a fun loving fetcher and a cuddle machine. He loves to go outside, on long walks and has manners only a dream dog would. He naps a ton, so you are definitely getting a senior for sure. Noah likes to bark due to being protective and alert, but if anyone knows Chihus, that's just kinda a trait you have to know you are getting before adopting. No renters/apartment dwellers, yo. He is housebroken, but if you don't give him enough attention, he might pee in the house a bit. I mean sounds like a jealous girlfriend haha. Any who, he doesn't want to hang out with young kids, so teens and adults, will probably give you the thumbs up on approval. He has lived with his brother Chihuahua, so should be fine with another small dog or mellow type dog. Seems easy and fair enough. Someone retired or works close to home would be ideal, so he can get the vitamin D he deserves.

If interested in Noah, I mean he sounds like a dog I would adopt, please fill out an adoption application at leadrescue.org. This is a courtesy posting for Noah's owner and she will facilitate his adoption. A LEAD Representative will not, just an fyi.



“Don’t want to feel another touch
Dont wanna another kiss
Dont wanna give my heart away to another stranger
Or let another day begin
No, I’ll never love again”~ A Star is Born

As Jared spent his Sunday, watching the Daytona 500, he scrolled through his FB and shows me this beaut. Ok, you can’t just show me a dog and then think I can move past it. I already have enough fosters and personal dogs, but I. GUILT. TRIP. It always works. Thank you to CRISP for giving us another Kaiser 🥰.

Being surrendered due to moving, this 10 year old Australian Shepherd mix, like any dog no matter what age, doesn’t deserve what is happening. Sometimes, it’s the only option and it’s just as hard on the family as it is on the beloved family pet. I can honestly tell, Scooby, now renamed Dale, was loved. This is heartbreaking in so many ways. It’s not fair Dale has to bond with us. It’s not fair he has to be in our rescue. It’s not fair, he will never see his original family again. How do I tell him he has to move on? Would you want to be told that? Didn’t think so.

I don’t want to show you Dale in sadness. I don’t want to show you all the owner searching he did last night. I don’t want him to be known as another dog who lost his only home. I really want to show you what an inspiration he is. How happy he looks when he has settled in and adjusted. How wonderful a dog he became to be because he had a family that tried their best to stay together.

Luckily for us, Dale will be okay. He’s sweet, gorgeous, low maintenance, and a good fit for someone who wants to share that special spark with someone who might have also lost something they love. He grew up with kids and co-exists nicely with other dogs.

Dale will learn to love again. Not by his choice, but because Luckily for us, Dale will be okay. He’s sweet, gorgeous, has a great energy, and a good fit for someone who wants to share that special spark with someone who might have also lost something they love. He grew up with kids and co-exists nicely with other dogs. For being 10 years, he doesn't act it. Although gentle, he is playful and loves to be with his people. He does whine, pace, and howl throughout the day, even if you are home. A good home (not an apartment) would be for someone who is home often for constant snuggles. dogs are the most selfless things on this earth. I see a bit of Kaiser in him and I’m going to find him as good as a family as ours. So let the games begin.

If you are interested in Dale and ready to commit, so he never has to be bounced around again, apply for him at leadrescue.org.



“You like my dog? Gee, thanks, just got it.
I see it, I like it, I want it, adopt it.” ~7 “collar” rings

It’s literally what I say in my head when I go to the shelter. And luckily for us, I have pulling abilities to do so. When I saw this wiggle, jiggle butt do his happy dance in the cage, I said I need this Beagle/Jack Russell mix. Little did I know, he would be Wishbone’s long lost cousin! He’s got the hops and he legit does the same jump Wishbone did. I haven’t caught it on camera, but it brings back memories! I hope you all watched that history loving Jack Russell tv show. I’ll never forget the Joan of Arc episode. Chills.

Anywho, Howdy is I think a 3 year old dog, whose tail is non stop waggin. He absolutely loves people and dogs and I am so glad he is going to find a home through us. He does fine with dogs (currently being fostered with a large dog) that are in his home, but on walks, he tends to try an "nip" other dogs' faces. This is most likely due to being overly excited or trying to defend himself. He will need some leash training if he were to live in a crowded area or if he was in the burbs, that ultimately might be the better choice. Howdy also yes, loves people, but I think young kids is a no-no. Although incredibly wiggly piggly meeting strangers, he would rather be with bigger humans.

Howdy also isn’t hyper like most Jack Russells. No, he’s pretty mild tempered except when it comes to walkie times or rolling on the bed (he was so excited on his first night, as you can tell). He jumps about 5 feet in the air, so if you have a fenced yard, he’ll pop up over it. He will need to be of course watched and on a long tether if in a yard. Howdy can live in an apartment as well, but remember, he will need some leash work when it comes to saying hi to new dogs. He’s housebroken, chipped, vaccinated, and getting neutered on March 20. This is a good guy, y’all. A really good one.

If you are interested in your own television star, apply for Howdy on our adoption application at leadrescue.org.



Sleepy baby. Sleepy kitty baby. Yes, she sleeps in her foster’s cat hoodie. She’ll be too big for it one day. I won’t tell her when.
Aurora along with her 4 sisters and brother were surrendered to LEAD Rescue when their owners had an unexpected litter. The dad is a Pit and mom is a Shepherd mix. Sweet to everyone including mellow dogs, kids, people, and cats. She is the smallest of the pack and just as nommy nommy as ever. Her foster says she's literally the best dog.
She is 4 months old, altered, vaccinated, and chipped. She does really well on the pee pads and is learning how to go outside in this winter vortex. Brave little girl!

gummy bear.jpg

gummy bear

This puppy sprinted towards me and oh how I wish I had my camera on slow-mo. What a load of cute in a mini body. I said yes to the dog. Jared didn’t have a say. #MarriageWin

Gummy Bear came home with us that evening because she had a hematoma in her right ear. It must’ve been painful, but it didn’t break this baby’s spirit. At roughly, 9 weeks old, this Beagle/Pit is a saucy girl, who was found all alone outside by some good Samaritans. They knew she needed medical care and they were right. We were able to drain the large hematoma and are letting her recover. She’ll be in foster care for at least a month or longer due to this.

However, I can tell you much more about Gummy in the meantime. Gummy Bear is pad trained and a smart cookie and me likey. She's a complete snuggle muggle and will think your lap is her new home. She loves dogs and people and couldn't imagine her life without that lap as mentioned. I don't have cats to test with, but I think dogs would be a better fit. This dog is seriously THE BEST.

If you are interested in Gummy Bear, keep tabs on her by emailing us at info@leadrescue.org or apply on our application. I imagine she will be available March 16 and ready to warm your heart as well as your lap.