zucchini-available after June 5

Do regular dogs see police dogs and think, “Oh shit, it’s the cops!”

While someone was doing his job, handling nonsense, a little something else decided he wanted to hitch a ride in the squad car and jumped on in. When they returned, Jared’s partner was like, “Hey! There’s a dog in here!” And Jared begrudgingly said, “Great, my wife is gonna want it.” So like the many other dogs rescued, this one got to go on a ride along too, willingly.

How rightfully so. Shih Tzus are my spirit animal. So jolly. So spunky. Big ole personalities in little packages. And Zucchini is exceptionally this. After his stray hold was up at the shelter, Zucchini became a LEADer. He apparently wanted to hang with the good guys by fighting crime and protecting his neighborhood. Is that why he was outside on his own? Nah. I think it’s because the little commander is a little commando (of course not fixed) searching for new “tricks”. K, this got outta hand.

Zucchini is a 2 year old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix, with big round expressive eyes. He is not housebroken and wears male diapers to decrease the urge to mark. So far they have worked and he can hold it longer than expected. But despite his lack of bathroom manners, he is the sweetest nougat ever to people and other furry creatures. What a character, with all the butt scratches he will do on your body. The falling down into you from all the wiggles. The happy 2 feet dances he just cant get enough of. Yes, Shih Tzus are my fancy indeed. He would gleefully enjoy being in a household with any size dog and any size kid.

Zucchini will be getting neutered on June 5th and will be available then. If interested in a blue bloodline family dog, please apply!


Figgy Pudding-waived adoption fee

adopters must understand dog body language and are experienced dog owners. a co-exister type of adopter, who is home often as figgy has SEPARATION anxiety. an adopter who likes having a shadow for a dog for the first week and then affection later.

Another landlord says no. Another dog to get messaged about. Another dog is part of LEAD. Another dog needs a home. End of story.

Aw man, so y'all just think it's Pits that can't find places to go? Nope. Welcome to the world of, no-pets-allowed-in-rentals-so-more-dogs-end-up-needing-new-homes-and-become-someone-else's-problem. WHOOO-HOOO. #EndBSL #imnotokay #cmonlandlords

Although the owner had this baby boy since he was a pup, the landlord gave her a few days before she had to remove him from her home. Heartbroken, she signed the surrender forms and off he went with one of our fosters. We call him Figgy Pudding because the name Figgy is fun to say. Figgy is a 2 year old Poodle/Bichon mix. He is adjusting slowly to his new home, but he is also as heartbroken as his owner. Although not at the shelter, losing your family is just the same. "Where am I going? Who da heck are you? When will I be back with my family?" He was a bit standoffish when we first got him and we're letting him chilax right now. His real personality hasn't shown yet, but he is curious about his new surroundings.

He was a bit matted, so I'm sure that was painful. Because of this, he is now shaved completely and is now neutered. He marks (one of the many reasons neutering is good) and barks a bit, but again this is all just his way of coping to a new place. He seems to really enjoy older kids, however. He doesn't want to hang with the over 18-ers and found solace with his foster mom's 10 year old sister. He is awkward with dogs, but is fine with them if they aren't too rowdy and co-exists nicely with cats. His owner did tell us that when he goes to the vet, he gets very stressed. There are options for dogs that get stressed at the vet, so we want whoever to know this beforehand. Because of these qualities, we are ONLY accepting applications from intermediate to experienced adopters. Figgy takes a few days to decompress, so we need an adopter who will respect co-existing with him until he comes to you for pets. He is a bit grouchy and has some body sensitivity. He HATES the crate, so we would love an adopter who is home more often/owns their own single family home. We will not accept renters or apartment dwellers for him. We need to make sure his forever home stays forever that way.



Have you ever been stranded in a foreign country where you don't know the language and have no way of contacting anyone because you don't have cell service and there are no more pay phones? Or maybe you are a child and you have lost sight of your parents and don't know who to trust because of stranger danger? Yeah, leaving your dog at a crowded, loud shelter, with a bunch of strangers and can't speak to anyone is the exact feeling.

Now I understand that when you move to a new place, sometimes you can't take your pet with due to financial reasons, medical, or familial. But damn, I also almost don't believe half of what I hear anymore doing rescue. Did you try other avenues or ask around or was it just cheaper rent somewhere to not have to pay for the pet fee? For the majority, it's the last one.

This undeniably, gentle soul was brought to the shelter when her family was moving. She had loved them since she was 6 weeks old and ugh 5 years later, this was what her future awaited. She was distraught when they said their goodbyes. There are many families that don't ever want to do this but have no other options and then there are some who feel a sigh of relief once the dog is out of their hands. But guess what? Dogs look out the windows and door you walked out of. They pace. They hyper-pant. They whine. They wait anxiously and get excited when they see someone who kinda looks like them. They shutdown. It's about one of the saddest things we people experience, but imagine how the dog feels. We don't speak dog and yet dogs are supposed to understand humans? 

We named her Etouffee because she has thick skin. Thicker than gumbo and thicker than what she went through. Etouffee had it rough a few days after being surrendered. She didn't trust anyone, which is understandable. Eventually she warmed up a bit with a few people and the traumatic experience lessened. As I followed her story, when one of our foster homes opened up, I said this one is next. 

Ever since she's been in her foster home, what a drastic change. She is playful, nudges for pets (she does the whole keep petting me so I'm gonna use my paw to keep you from leaving move), a charmer. She has exceptional house manners like a good wittle baby. She's exactly what a dog looks like when she's given time to decompress, from ya know losing everything she once knew. She's regaining trust. She might think she is on vacay, but at this point, it's better being in a warm home than a kennel. For Etouffee, we are looking for intermediate dog adopters. Although wonderfully awesome, she gets stressed easily from new situations. We want her adopters to not just see a Retriever mix and think this one is gonna just jump and love me as soon as our eyes meet. She is great with new people but will bark at you first, so she will need an adjustment period. But once she adjusts, oh the love she has been giving is just perfect.

Etouffee is spayed, chipped, housebroken, and vaccinated. She lived with kids and is good with dogs and cats. She loves to fetch her toys and knows some tricks. If interested, please apply!


cookie dough

You ever catch a dog, return it back to its owners and then a year later, now its in your rescue because her owners didn’t want her back?

Ta-da! Magic! No, there’s no real magic here. Just another dog needing a home after being dumped by her previous. Magic will happen when I make a new family appear to adopt. Last year, this dog was posted in a neighborhood page and secured in someone’s yard. Jared scooped up this girl and scanned her for a chip. She had one and at that time, we were not able to locate the owners, so she went to the shelter. The owners got her back, not spayed, but vaccinated...at least. Story was over.

Then last week, we were contacted that there was a dog that looked just like the one we had last January. Apparently, she gets out of the home a lot and it was too much for her to be contained. The owners were contacted and instead of just surrendering her over, they had her sit at the shelter for her 7 day chip hold. She took up a large dog kennel in another dog’s spot. Was scared. Shutdown. And in the end, was never going to see her family she thought loved her, ever again.

But as Elsa once came out with a number one hit, “The past is in the past! Let it go! Let it go!!” Cookie Dough is her new name as her original was made for an older lady who crochets hamster sweaters...for fun. Cookie Dough was named after the Dairy Queen Blizzard I indulged in before going to the shelter to spring her out. I didn’t save her a pup cup though, cuz I mean c’mon it’s Dairy Queen. And guess what, she’s awesome.

Cookie Dough is a 2 year old Border Collie mix, housebroken, sweet, gentle, gives you literally endless hugs. She’s Sinatra’s new love interest. Guess Sinatra isn’t really gay after all. Just finding himself. Y’all remember when I said she wasn’t spayed? Yea, I get to be a part of a heat cycle. Now I really see why Sinatra isn’t gay! Regardless, she’s gonna be spayed and is available for adoption. However, if you would like to foster this beautiful running or bike buddy, who feels like they deserve to be hugged 24/7, who loves people, dogs, kids, please hit us up on our foster or adoption application at leadrescue.org!



“Some day when I am awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.” ~ Frank Sinatra

And that is exactly how I felt when this boy’s face popped up on my newsfeed. We didn’t put a hold on him immediately and if by chance he didn’t have a hold by the end of the day, then we knew for sure he had to be ours. As he sulked in his kennel, those eyes spoke, screamed, and shouted at me. I wanted him to be able to run, be a Husky, be a free man.

3 hours passed and as I kept thinking of him, I again guilted Jared into getting in the car and breaking him out. Ladies, always be winning.

Can I say that this dog is a smoke show? An Inta-worthy dog? A dog that you just don’t come across usually? Everyone so far has said, “Damn, those eyes.” And I am lucky enough to get to write a post about him. So as you guessed it, we named him Sinatra after Ol’ blue eyes himself. Strikingly handsome and a flirt too. He has Tum Tum feeling butterflies.

Now I know this dog had a home before. He knows sit. He knows how to be in a home. He knows how to counter surf and wake me up at 1am, to him eating...everything. But at least he didn’t get my Chipotle. That was all Kaiser.

Sinatra is I think a 2 year old Husky/Chow Chow/Australian Shepherd/Shepherd mix. He is a chill dog who gets along with all dogs of all sizes. Although he seems to want to follow my ShihTzu around because he might secretly be gay. That’s okay. I think all my dogs are openly gay. One thing we want to mention is that Sinatra has hypothyroidism and has occasional seizures. He will need to be on thyroid medication for the rest of his life and the seizures might need medications too down the road. He definitely should not be, as most Huskies shouldn’t be, in an apartment. Why? Well he is pretty quiet throughout the whole day but when he does want to make a noise, he HOWLS and right now, he seems rather low key, but because he is on thyroid medication, his energy level could turn up over time. He is a great walker on a leash and loves to meet everyone, so ugh he's just the best.

If you are interested in adopting a dog who will get compliments daily, apply! He is housebroken, pee pad trained too, chipped, neutered, and vaccinated!



this is a courtesy posting for Noah’s owner. please apply for him and we will send the applications to noah’s owner. she will contact you for a meet and greet. noah is not a lead dog and a lead representative will not facilitate the adoption.

Life happens and you get the good, bad, and the ugly sometimes. And for Noah, he has had all three happen to him pretty quickly.

Noah has had a good life, living with his momma and his brother Nemo for 9 years. The bad came when his owner now has to take care of her mother's ailing health and also has to work two jobs to support. The ugly is having to tell Noah he is losing his home and I think that's bad and ugly. All I know is, I feel for his owner and Noah. The decision I bet didn't come easily, but then again, life is good, bad, and ugly, even if you are the nicest person in the world.

Noah is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix, who is a fun loving fetcher and a cuddle machine. He loves to go outside, on long walks and has manners only a dream dog would. He naps a ton, so you are definitely getting a senior for sure. Noah likes to bark due to being protective and alert, but if anyone knows Chihus, that's just kinda a trait you have to know you are getting before adopting. No renters/apartment dwellers, yo. He is housebroken, but if you don't give him enough attention, he might pee in the house a bit. I mean sounds like a jealous girlfriend haha. Any who, he doesn't want to hang out with young kids, so teens and adults, will probably give you the thumbs up on approval. He has lived with his brother Chihuahua, so should be fine with another small dog or mellow type dog. Seems easy and fair enough. Someone retired or works close to home would be ideal, so he can get the vitamin D he deserves.

If interested in Noah, I mean he sounds like a dog I would adopt, please fill out an adoption application at leadrescue.org. This is a courtesy posting for Noah's owner and she will facilitate his adoption. A LEAD Representative will not, just an fyi.



“Don’t want to feel another touch
Dont wanna another kiss
Dont wanna give my heart away to another stranger
Or let another day begin
No, I’ll never love again”~ A Star is Born

As Jared spent his Sunday, watching the Daytona 500, he scrolled through his FB and shows me this beaut. Ok, you can’t just show me a dog and then think I can move past it. I already have enough fosters and personal dogs, but I. GUILT. TRIP. It always works. Thank you to CRISP for giving us another Kaiser 🥰.

Being surrendered due to moving, this 10 year old Australian Shepherd mix, like any dog no matter what age, doesn’t deserve what is happening. Sometimes, it’s the only option and it’s just as hard on the family as it is on the beloved family pet. I can honestly tell, Scooby, now renamed Dale, was loved. This is heartbreaking in so many ways. It’s not fair Dale has to bond with us. It’s not fair he has to be in our rescue. It’s not fair, he will never see his original family again. How do I tell him he has to move on? Would you want to be told that? Didn’t think so.

I don’t want to show you Dale in sadness. I don’t want to show you all the owner searching he did last night. I don’t want him to be known as another dog who lost his only home. I really want to show you what an inspiration he is. How happy he looks when he has settled in and adjusted. How wonderful a dog he became to be because he had a family that tried their best to stay together.

Luckily for us, Dale will be okay. He’s sweet, gorgeous, low maintenance, and a good fit for someone who wants to share that special spark with someone who might have also lost something they love. He grew up with kids and co-exists nicely with other dogs.

Dale will learn to love again. Not by his choice, but because Luckily for us, Dale will be okay. He’s sweet, gorgeous, has a great energy, and a good fit for someone who wants to share that special spark with someone who might have also lost something they love. He grew up with kids and co-exists nicely with other dogs. For being 10 years, he doesn't act it. Although gentle, he is playful and loves to be with his people. He will whine, pace, and howl for the first week while he adjusts throughout the day, even if you are home. But after about a week, he understands that this is where he will be living. A good home (not an apartment) would be for someone who is home often for constant snuggles. dogs are the most selfless things on this earth. I see a bit of Kaiser in him and I’m going to find him as good as a family as ours. So let the games begin.

If you are interested in Dale and ready to commit, so he never has to be bounced around again, apply for him at leadrescue.org.

gummy bear_6.jpg

gummy bear

adoption fee is waived thanks to Noodles and company as her sponsor!

This puppy sprinted towards me and oh how I wish I had my camera on slow-mo. What a load of cute in a mini body. I said yes to the dog. Jared didn’t have a say. #MarriageWin

Gummy Bear came home with us that evening because she had a hematoma in her right ear. It must’ve been painful, but it didn’t break this baby’s spirit. At roughly, 4 months old, this Beagle/Pit is a saucy girl, who was found all alone outside by some good Samaritans. They knew she needed medical care and they were right. We were able to drain the large hematoma and They knew she needed medical care and they were right. We were able to drain the large hematoma and she has since recovered!

However, I can tell you much more about Gummy in the meantime. Gummy Bear is pad trained and a smart cookie and me likey. She's a complete snuggle muggle and will think your lap is her new home. She loves dogs and people and couldn't imagine her life without that lap as mentioned. Her best friend at doggie daycare is a French Bulldog and a Dalmatian, so that's a huge size difference. I don't have cats to test with, but we believe she has prey drive towards them, so errr no. She will need some additional training as any young pupper would. This dog is seriously THE BEST.

If you are interested in Gummy Bear, apply on our application. I imagine she is ready to warm your heart as well as your lap.