Why Foster?


Whether you are uncertain of what type of dog best suits your lifestyle, just have a little extra room, or aren't ready to make a years long commitment, fostering might be right for you. Who doesn't enjoy cuddle sessions, endless doggie kisses, and knowing you are literally saving a life? Although fostering is a serious commitment to the animal, it does not have to be long term. Especially if you have a home with no other dogs, L.E.A.D. needs you!

Already have animals in your home? Fantastic. We're true believers in the pack mentality and feel that dogs coming into a stable home with resident dogs can help to increase confidence and "show them the ropes". We will work with you to make sure your foster is a good fit and that we are setting everyone up for success.

Don't have any animals? Even better! ISO (isolation) fostering is necessary for certain dogs who have been exposed to illnesses such as the canine influenza virus (CIV) also known as dog flu and is often a short term commitment of 2-4 weeks.  This crucial role is so important and needed in the Chicagoland area. You will directly be making a difference in saving the life of a dog in need.

 If you are interested in fostering, send us an email to Info@LEADRescue.org and we will be happy to get you set up.


Do I have to pay to be a foster? NO! Costs are covered 100% by L.E.A.D. All you need to provide is a loving home and your time. All necessary medical care for your foster will be covered at one of our approved veterinary clinics. Additionally, high quality dog food, heart worm preventative, flea & tick protection, toys, leash, collar, and crate will all be supplied to you at no cost.

Where do i sign-up?

Two ways! You can simply click here to fill out our foster application online or download our Foster Application form, fill out all fields and email it back to us at Info@LEADRescue.org.  We do our best to review all applications within 72 hours of receipt.