New Year Story


"Sweet, he's in an enclosed area to catch him." The sad life us rescuers call a victory when rescuing a dog. But we got Wendy's and hot cocoa after. Another sad thing Jared and I do after catching a dog.


New Year, not new me. Not new anything. Same shit, different day is a better motto for my life. Yesterday, we got tagged on a Shepherd that had been hanging out in a playground in Pilsen for at least an hour, from what we know. I put away my food before Kaiser devoured it and turned off my binge show of the week, Riverdale (great show might I add my 2 cents). When we arrived, a woman was there trying to help. He seemed to have gotten himself in the playground and couldn't find his way out. Or maybe was abandoned? Not uncommon either.

As he sat there, shivering, but didn't look like he was out more than a few hours/a day, he saw us and when we took the leashes out, he peed himself. Poor guy. And poor me. It's another old man Kaiser dog. I carefully sat beside him, realizing, Michelle, you are in his urine. And showed him the leash is nothing to be afraid of. Lasso one attempt, fail. Lasso two, fail. Lasso three, ok, he basically let me do it.

Sweet old timer, wagged his tail, did some sniffing. Scanned and no chip. Told you same shit, different day. We brought him to CACC, id A194343, so his family could hopefully find him as this isn't a way to start 2019. I'd love to pull this guy, but many of my fosters are small dog peeps, so if another rescue is interested, I think he will be a good one for the taking. But if someone wants to foster with us, make my day and make it happen by applying!

So we wait the 3 stray hold days. Please share this silver fox. He was very camera shy, so Insta famous, is gonna be a tough one.