Dog with no face, and no name



Just back from our vacation and Jared had gone out on his much anticipated Dunkin Donuts coffee break (Park City doesn’t have any). Knowing wherever he goes, he must check if there are dogs in need of help. Yep, there’s this one. A dog walker, with his 5 dog customers, had followed this mop and needed help.

Jared came to his aide, but the dog was completely terrified of anything and everything. Can you blame him? His mats are covering his vision. His mats are cutting off circulation to his legs. He can not defecate with the amount of hair tangled up underneath. He has been out for how long in such distress with probably many people trying to catch or chase him away.

Fight or flight, this dog tried both. He first chose to flee into someone’s yard, but Jared was able to get a leash around him in due time. But once leashed, the mop was like, “Oh hell no.” He, of course, completely spooked, tried his best to show Jared up. It didn’t work. Jared, too, has been around the block, bucko.

But after some time to decompress in our home, Wombat, we call him, has proven he can get through this. Imagine how heavy all of his overgrown hair must feel and how tight his dreadlocks pull at his skin. I don’t blame him for being an ounce of grouch. It’s like a million band-aids being ripped! We got an early medical release from CACC as we needed to immediately take him to the vet. We were able to get an appointment last minute with South Loop Animal Hospital and we are ever so gracious for their help. To not stress Wombat out, we sedated him for his 3 hour groom.

Now look at this cookie monster! I dont know what the heck mix you are, but you are beautiful.

Maybe a Bichon/Poodle/ShihTzu combo. Maybe something else. Your past, your hair, your struggles do not define you. We, at LEAD, will take care of you and you can begin your recovery.

Surprisingly, he isn’t super underweight. Not surprisingly, he has no chip and is not neutered. He is heartworm negative and fecal was all good. The vet estimated between 5-8 years old with some bad dental disease. But overall, he looks like a champ.

Now the hard part is for him to gain back trust he should have known about back when. Without the hair, he is naked to the world, more vulnerable than before. He walks like he doesn’t know what air feels like. He walks like he is just seeing life itself.

We don’t know if Wombat’s owners will show up or if he was outcasted. Either way, he is a dog in need. And a dog that needs you.

Thanks a mil’ for reading about Wombat and thanks to those who have donated to his care already and to those in the near future!!