Saving everywhere



On Saturday, I decided to go to the craft fair in Pilsen. After everyone stopping me to take pictures of Tum Tum and asking if she could have her own Insta, I was about to head home when Jared Alexander says there’s a Schnauzer like dog running around the corner. Luckily, he just went grocery shopping and had gotten a pound of ham. This dog was searching the alley for food and he saw me, but got spooked. I searched for him a bit more, but couldn’t find him. We were about to leave when he popped up behind us. Jared grabbed the ham (stop giving away your lunch, Jared!), and tried his best to gain his trust. The videos are of me being useless with the dogs in the car and Jared doing it all.

But then, Jared came back to the car and said you try. Advantages of me: Small stature so I’m less intimidating, can use high pitch baby voices (something Jared will never be an expert in), and I’m female. I did try and he’d get extremely close to me and he would eat the ham inches away. But alas, his eyes seemed frightened. We wondered would this dog be dog friendly? We brought out our Elmer’s Glue and voila, snatched after all the ham waste.

No chip and balls intact. Things we find on most dogs we catch. We brought him to the shelter and would have pulled him right back out, and as I had just printed flyers, thankfully his owners came after a night. Now the dog is chipped and I hope going to be neutered before he can go home.

Moral of the story: if your dog gets out or if you let them roam (please don’t let them do this) and are running on a busy street, don’t get upset if your dog ends up at the shelter which is the legal place owners look for their dogs. I’d much rather pay a fee to get my dog back alive, chipped, and altered. And guess what, you also got some free vaccines too! Unaltered animals is one of the reasons why dogs leave their homes in search of mates. If you need some places to get that procedure done, just ask me and I'll help guide you. There are also some real shitty people in this world who can do terrible things to your pets and I’d like to not name them. So, whatever your name is dog, I’m glad you are back home and hope to never see you out alone again 🙂.