Watch me trap. Watch me nae nae.



These knucklebrains have been seen around the East Side, lounging together in the sun for the past month. Unsure if they are just pets that are let out to roam and go home, Jared and I said enough is enough. Dogs should never be out to fend for themselves especially with coyotes in the area. These two also love to hang around the train tracks and that’s a huge accident waiting to happen.

Many people have attempted to try and catch them, but every time, the Beagle would run away first and the Terrier mix would bark in defense of them. Our friend has been doing a feeding station to keep them near. The goal is to never chase, but to build trust.

The wind was in our favor yesterday and the delicious bbq sauce and wet dog food we placed out, was proven to be the right mixture to trap them. As you can see in my terrible video, I am so excited that when one went into the trap, I barely captured the “capture”. When we trapped the Terrier, we set another trap out for the Beagle. However, Beagle dog is too cunning. We walked Terrier boy around and Beagle dog would come running towards us but never too near to us. We waited 2 more hours, but Beagle boy just wasn’t ready to be rescued.

We did, however, scan the Terrier and yasssss! A mothaf*%kin registered chip! We called the owner and left a voicemail and also texted the number. The owner of the Terrier was only a mile away, so we had to leave and figure out what’s going on with this dog. Jared knocked on the door and a mom and 2 daughters came out. We asked if they were missing a dog and they said yes. We asked what kind and they said, “a scruffy, terrier dog.” Boom. We have your dog!

Of course, his real name was Scruffy and he had been missing since February!! He got out the day of the woman’s husband’s funeral. No wonder why the call went straight to voicemail. I wish I could have recorded the reunion. It happened so fast and the happiness was contagious. Scruffy was over the moon to be back, not only home, but with his family. Damn, I need a tissue.

We still are going to try our best to win over Mr. Beagle. But the fact that they found each other, being complete strangers and never left each other’s side, shows how much cooler dogs are than people. We absolutely hate that we couldn’t get him as he is now wondering where his pal is. Who knows where Beagle boy is from but with his nose, I’m thinking he could be far from home too.

LEAD Rescue started out rescuing stray/lost/abandoned dogs. We may not get out as often, running around doing adoptions and vet appointments. But LEAD will try and help reunite and save these forgiving animals when we can. We also found a distempered raccoon yesterday too, but that’s a whole other story. All animals matter y’all!